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Center of Excellence in Agriculture Education

The Vocational Education & Technology Academy (VETA) was established in Palungtar-10, Mirkot, Gorkha, Nepal in 2019 under the supervision of the foundation to meet the requirements and needs of students, parents and the national and international labor markets. It is one of the autonomous, organized, non-profit, and non-governmental service-oriented organization.

VETA is committed to manage all the essential components of agriculture and livestock sector for the quality education and skill training in line with the changed context. VETA offers three years Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science and Animal Science) courses. The courses offer opportunities to strengthen basic understanding on national and global issues related to agricultural systems and enhance skills for developing agriculture and other related issues. It follows the curriculum developed by CTEVT.

Our Team

Executive Team

Dr. Dinesh Chandra Devkota


Dr. Sarba Raj Khadka


Umakanta Devkota


Judda Bilas Bhandari


Ram Mani Paudyal

Vice Prisident

Prakash Koirala

General Secretary

Indira Devkota (Neupane)


Prabesh Devkota


Ram Maya Rana


Pratima Nepali


Academic Team


Producing quality and competent human resource/ workforce in agriculture sector for supporting the national dream of prosperous Nepal, happy Nepali'; providing proven and latest technology based quality of technical education and vocational training in agriculture and livestock sectors.


VETA”s vision is to become the Centre of Excellence in Agriculture Education by producing quality human resources. VETA expects to grow as a well-known vocational and technical institute with its referral status for the well trained graduates in the technical and vocational education sectors, particularly in agriculture and livestock sectors in Nepal.


VETA aims to enhance academic excellence to ensure employment elsewhere and/or produce graduates capable to start their own agri-enterprises at their respective location.


The main objective of the VETA is to produce competent human resources in agriculture and other relevant fields through high quality education, training and research.

Produce various kinds of basic and middle level skilled human resources in agriculture for different national and international markets.

Establish networks and collaboration with relevant institutions to impart academic excellence.

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